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Flexible marketing consultancy

Whatever the context, our aim is to get results for you and your company. Business efficiency, sales growth and a rising brand profile form the natural main agenda, but additional benefits to your company’s competitive advantage are there to be won. Improved communications make life easy for your customers; a sharper brand profile enhances – or may even be required to correct – perceptions of your company’s relevance, qualities and desirability; and while time spent framing the right strategy costs money, it pays dividends in ensuring that your marketing is locked on target.

Here are some of the various ways in which we have worked to date as well as an outline of our services, but this is not exhaustive. The best way to understand how we can work together is to contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

Retained marketing support

By appointing us as your marketing advisers you acquire a partner who is able to either work closely with your in-house team or advise you directly while maintaining  a detached perspective, essential to clear strategic thinking and a strong but flexible marketing structure.

Transition and rebranding

Times change, cultures shift, economic regeneration and restructuring are transforming the way business works in some of the world’s most exciting and dynamic centres – but often perceptions lag far behind. Sometimes it’s a case of shedding a long-dead image for good; sometimes a brand carries a valuable heritage that needs refurbishing and repositioning; but in either case a company will benefit from the objective appraisal and practical support we can offer.

Social media management

Social media offers an increasingly important channel for you to market your business. Creating and maintaining these can be time consuming and the terminology can be confusing. We provide a free social media management tool that allows you to combine your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts into one easy-to-use platform that will help you cut the time you spend updating, leaving you to focus on your business. We can even go one stage further and offer a full content management service.

Services include:

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Social media management
  • Marketing performance measurement
  • Marketing training and development
  • Branding consultancy
  • Brand development
  • Website advice and development
  • Website design, build and management
  • Internal and external communications

We are happy to work either on an ongoing retained basis or on one-off projects with a specific or critical time-frame.

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